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Professional Summary

I am a problem solver. It's been the one skill I've consistently cultivated while working in education, finance, healthcare, and retail. The key to my success has been in asking questions and listening to the answers. In doing so, I have often built relationships with superiors, clients, and coworkers by ensuring I understand their needs and offer the best solution to satisfy everyone.

While I'm now beginning my career as a UX designer, I have fostered the strengths and skills necessary for crafting products that provide an exceptional experience while alleviating pain points. I also possess a front-end development background, which allows me consider developers during the research and design phase.

My passion for storytelling and what makes people tick drew me to UX design, as I love the way it utilizes both the creative and analytical sides of my brain. I also find it meaningful to collaborate with others on projects that improve the quality of our lives.



UX Design

BookRapport is a social app for book clubs. I developed my original concept via surveys, one-on-one interviews, and an online card sort into a digital prototype with InVision.

Movie Sidekick
Movie Sidekick

Front End Development

This social media app allows users to search movies and post reviews using the Open Movie Database (OMDb) API. I contributed to conceptual planning, design and coding.

Sci Fi Posters
Sci Fi Movie Posters

Front End Development

I created an app with AngularJS that lets users add images of retro movie posters to an online database. Users also have the ability to make a red heart appear when they click on an image to "like" it.

MTV Videos
MTV Classic Videos

Front End Development

Remember when MTV used to play music videos? I designed this app with ReactJS as a tribute to the golden age of MTV. The app gives users the ability to view, add, and edit images to a database.


Andre Martins

Andre Martins

Product + UX Strategist and Consultant

"Jef always brings a special attention to every detail of an user experience. His past experience with development helps him integrate technology and consumer interactions and he's definitely someone I would have the pleasure to work with again."

Catherine Hicks

Catherine Hicks

UX/UI Design Professional

"With the addition of his development skills ... and what I know of him as a budding UX designer, I can wholly recommend him for work in the field as someone who is detailed oriented, eager to continue to learn and grow in his new chosen field."


Tim Witacre

Instructor at The Iron Yard Atlanta

"... we did a lot of group projects & pair programming & it was always apparent how much work Jef would do for his team. Overall, he would make a great asset to any team looking for a skilled developer who is ready to work hard while continuing to grow & learn."

Robert Gwaltney

Robert Gwaltney

Vice President of Early Education/Care

"His abiility to problem solve while managing multiple projects is impressive. Not only is he focused & highly productive, he also possesses the ability to build & maintain effective relationships in a team oriented environment."

About Me

I'm a native Texan who prefers experiences to material possessions. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, reading, movies, and new wave music. Exercise and meditation are two activities I try to include in every day. I'm happiest participating in a meaningful conversation, exploring the outdoors with my hiking group, and learning new things.

I've studied writing with Nebula and Hugo Award-winner Orson Scott Card, Shamus Award-winner David Fulmer, and Lambda Literary Award-winner Alex Sanchez.

While riding my bicycle as a kid, I once got it stuck in a tree. Contact me through one of the methods below and ask me to tell you about it.

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